>Yakima Fun!


So I decided to test sleeping in my car last night. It worked! After heading to a store and getting an adaptor to give me a plug for inside my car, I was all set. I didn’t need that last night, but will soon when I head outside of the Seattle area.
I had a little car glitch that kept from heading to Ocean Shores this weekend. But a friend’s offer to go to the WA coast next Saturday the 17th for beach clean up filled that void.
The pilots are going good. My guests have been patient as I work out the lighting and audio kinks for shooting with the little cameras.
Scheduling is coming along too as I will launch my Washington Green Radio programs on Wednesday. Oregon’s show will following on Thursday before I arrive there. The goal with these are to talk with people who I did not have time to meet while in there cities. Also, I will be connecting these towns to others for residents.
Back to my car experience. There were truckers and a few other cars parked in this big box store. It was open all night so I felt pretty safe, but honestly trekking through the suburbs of Warsaw in 1992 was probably more dangerous. 🙂
Oh and I am hanging at this coffeeshop updating some of my blogs, dating insights [link coming soon] and cutting more videos from the interviews this week. Have an interview with a sustainable winery today ay 230. Free samples please!
Hope to connect with the Mighty Tieton folks and interview them too. They have revived this village in central Washington with all kinds of art. This is the another aspect of sustainability. From their site, “Mighty Tieton is an extraordinary entreprenurial venture composed of a small but growing group of designers, architects, artists, and creative individuals. The venture is based in the Central Washington town of Tieton, fifteen miles west of Yakima. Mighty Tieton’s goal is to help improve the economy of the town and region by combining its creative and professional talents and utilizing local resources to build successful businesses related to art, design, hospitality, and recreation.” Cool huh.
Here’s where I am…

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