>My Evolution in Storytelling

>Over the next 7 days, I am going to attempt to drastically change the storytelling style of my website. It’s ultimate goal is to engage people to learn about sustainability as well as to ask people to tell me their stories. I want to know what makes life sustainable for them. This projects has been good at finding and exploring the green converts. Those folks who have a environmental or social conscious way of thinking at easiest to find. BUT how do I tell the story of what fits where. This is something that I will figure out.

Today, while downtown in Phoenix for some interviews at the Solar Conference. I was floored again by the amount of information that comes at me in each town. With some help from my virtual scheduling team (Thanks Gaby & Co in San Diego), I have begun to get ahead and schedule meetings with dozens of people two states ahead, but even this blathering here on this blog is not a story yet. That is why I am up for story makeover starting now.

Last night while thinking about the interview with Kimber, the founder of Local First AZ and a serial entrepreneur, I grew tired. I thought about my work to date and the stories I was creating, then realized it was not enough. I needed to go farther, weaver the stories together and bring these people I was talking with to life as a community of voices.

As a new media journalist who wants to grow and expand how we use video, audio and web details, storytelling is my number one priority. I welcome suggestions and partnerships that help to tell this story even better.


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