>The Green World of Boulder: Small Town Center’s Dilemma


There is so much green happening in Boulder, Colorado. I am a loss to describe it all, so I will start small. Each video will introduce a character who is working to green their work and life in various ways. This on-going web video series will describe the main characters of Colorado in the sustainability space. Sustainable1000 is finding this land immeasurably charming and fantastically green.

Independence stands out as a big player in this theater of verde. The other character is the earth. With nature everywhere, there is a desire to preserve it I think. Lastly is the character of activity.

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I was out in a small town 10 minutes north of Boulder waiting around for an interview at an organic farm. The tiny town had revamped its historic 1.5 block of old building with nice signs and a charming design, but no one was coming out there anymore. People live all around them but the city center of Boulder draws everyone away from this little place. I wonder about this puzzle.


How do we make small centers around the outskirts of larger towns attractive?

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