>Utah’s Gulf Oil Spill


For local communities, any pollution can have a dramatic impact on children. Even the smallest amount of lead or mercury around a newborn can serious learning disabilities. For Roi Maufas and Allysa Kay from Salt Lake City, their young son has been directly affected by the June 12, 2010 Chevron oil spill. Since the spill last week, he has complained of intense stomach aches and a shortness of breath.

Map picture

For a child without a medical history, you might think it was a just something he ate. This seems to be directed to him going to the park because the city did not quarter it off. They left it open for families to continue to use even as the clean up is still going on.

Their son plays in this park directly across the street from their home. The tree filled and friendly space called to its residents. The community members respond in kind. However, on June 12 the unthinkable happened. 33000 gallons of oil spilled into the pond in the park affecting wildlife as well as the happy family.

Roi and Allysa’s son suffers from a childhood respiratory illness that makes him particularly susceptible to pollutants in his environment.

National attention has been focused on the devastating impact of the deep sea oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It is important to note that spills across America might be have big impacts in small communities. They may also be more directly affecting people’s health not just the economy.

For more details on the spill.

Roi’s work in eco design unfortunately cannot help in this situation. Check out his work to help refugee’s by creating efficient and stable eco-housing for distressed populations.

Sustainable1000 video ready soon.

Remember, this is another reason why we need to move away from polluting and toxic petroleum as our main energy source.


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