>Dear Oregon


Thanks for your patience. You have delivered consistently with a solid number of green and eco guests for our radio shows. Our 370,000 listeners so far appreciate it.

In the news, Oregon is still blazing forward with its sustainability projects. Developing green curriculums for schools and job training programs.

As companies are put under a microscope for attempting to make more money for the top executives and wealthy stockholders, there is a new focus. What about the contractor and small businesses whose value is finally be revealed.

I just watched Green Zone with Matt Damon. This film walked us through how and way we got into the war with Iraq. It shows how people choose deception for short-term gain.

As i discussed today with my guest from northern California, short-term thinking is still pre-dominant in many parts of our society. Short-term high crop yields for example that require more and more chemicals. Short-term acquisition of farms to consolidate them for what is believed to more efficient.

When profits come before people and communities, short-term financial growth explosions like we saw in housing and banks lead to bigger drops in the markets. We basically set ourselves up to fail more dramatically the more we try and move away from local, truthful and thoughtful choices.

I see how we got into the situation we are in. People like nice things and their is a feeling that we should have more and more of these. Honestly, we need to consider that


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