>Fun Sustainable Crafts for Kids!

>By Brooke Hubbard

When Sustainability 1000 visited Bend, OR, we thought we would inspire and teach kids about sustainability in hopes that they will carry the lesson throughout life. However, after seeing what the kids were already doing to make crafty bags out of old plastic, it turned out that we were the ones who were inspired. Anyone can reuse a plastic grocery store bag for their trash can. But can they gather up some other old plastic and turn it into a creative-use-all-the-time-bag? The students at Bend Middle School can! 

Egg Carton Penguin!
After learning about this fun way to reuse regular plastic bags, I started wondering about what other typical parts of my day could be transformed into a fun and environmentally friendly craft.
This is up-cycling at its best!
I did some research and found some pretty interesting ideas that others have come up with:
Yogurt Cup Frog and Turtle!
Feel free to submit further ideas in comments! There are endless opportunities for fun if we just look around and think creatively!
Soda Can Lantern
Anything can be fun. Even up-cycling! Especially, when you can use materials you already have around the house.

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  1. >love the ideas thanks!


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