>Amanda Bramble is Aug 16th Radio Guest


Upcoming next Monday, August 16th, Sustainable 1000 Green Radio will be talking with guest Amanda Bramble from Ampersand Sustatainable Learning Center and Sustainable Habitat Consulting. Located in Cerriollos, New Mexico, the Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center is an off-grid center explorinig the possiblilites of living in balance with resources starting with the basics, food, water, shelter and energy. Ampersand provides classes, internships and other resources aimed at educating on and increasing awareness about options and the importance of only using what resources are necessary. They also offer consulting to help individuals and organizations learn about how to create a sustainable living environment.
Amanda Bramble created Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center in 2001 after years of experiences and learning which eventually led her back to Arizona to grow her own vision of sustainability. While she was always interested in living in balance with the land, she officially started her studies at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA and continued through learning experiences with John and Nancy Todd, founders of the New Alchemy Institute, Oceans Arcs International, work with the Center for Biological Diversity, Arcosanti, founded by Paulo Soleri  where she also met mentor, Barbara Kerr.

To learn more about what sustainability means to Amanda Bramble, make sure to tune into Sustainable 1000’s radio blog August 16th at 9AM MTS!


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