>Everyone could Share Some Sugar with a deal as sweet as this

>(By Jenna Kelly)

Shane talks to Kira in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kira is the creator of a rally unique website called sharesomesugar.com. It’s all about people sharing what they have. Kira’s inspiration for creating this website happened when she moved from a small apartment to a house. She realized she needed a lot of household items that she would only use once but probably never again. She would borrow these things from the neighbors, but it would often happen that none of her neighbors had what she needed. She would go online and see how much it would cost to buy this item, but it seemed crazy to her to spend a ton of money on something she would never use again. Therefore, she started Share Some Sugar.
The name comes from the old days where you knew all your neighbors and could just walk across the street for some sugar. It doesn’t make sense not to walk door to door to find what you need, but now you can knock on the internet’s door. I actually visited the website and was pleasantly surprised to see all of the thousands of items people are looking to borrow and share.
Shane asked Kira to tell us what some crazy items are that people share. She said that there is a lot of sharing of ladders, gps, prom dresses, and baby equipment.
The entire idea is really neat and will probably be growing and growing as more people adjust to the idea and find out about the website. So help add to the sharing network by visiting the website: http://www.sharesomesugar.com and start getting the stuff you need!
Check out Shane’s interview with Kira the creator of Sharesomesugar.com
Check this out too, because it’s pretty rockin 

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