>Green Bean Coffee house interview!


(By Jenna Kelly)
Picture this: 
Shane stops into the Green Bean Coffeehouse in Greenburg, Kansas.
He discovers that this coffeehouse is going green.
He asks the owner what inspired her to make an eco-friendly café. 

The owner then gives us this personal story that blossomed into the creation of a new life story:
She and her husband, the owners, were born and raised in Greenburg, they moved away and while in the process of moving her husband lost his job. At the time, they have a six month old baby and had no income. It had always been a dream of hers to start a coffee shop, so they moved back to Greenburg and followed their aspirations.
She admits that it’s really hard to be 100% green in a coffee house, but they try their absolute best. They keep waste to an absolute minimum, their equipment is used and refurbished, and they recycle everything that is able to be recycled. When they go to the market they don’t use plastic bags, and they use real plates and silverware in the shop. In addition, they get their coffee and coffee supplies from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters which is a green company and provides them with things like biodegradable cups that are transported in an eco-friendly manner.
One of the challenges facing the owners is a desire to provide more homemade products that are cooked and baked locally and organically. But unfortunately, this is simply not available right now, but it’s they aren’t giving up hope and are always looking for ways to further their dream.
Their ultimate goal is to help the environment and show their son that there is a better way to live—and they are doing a great job.
Make sure to watch Shane’s interview on Youtube

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