>The Mystery of Squirrels on Governor’s Island

>(By Jenna Kelly)

Shane Snipes is in New York and interviews Katherine, an art fellow at the Governor’s Island Summer Program. Katherine incorporated nature and the environment into her artwork. She explains to Shane that she was raised by scientists and was always really interested in the scientific aspect of life. Although, catering to her creative side, she needed to combine art with her love for science, as research would not have been fitting for her. She says her art is always a mix of research tools. Katherine feels that the combination of science and art is a confusing abstraction at times but this confusion has the beautiful capability of creating a new relationship with which we can all look at and understand the world. Katherine talks a lot about squirrels in her interview. She has done a lot of research about squirrels and how they came to be on Govenor’s Island. She has conducted some fascinating studies and incorporates interesting features of their habitat, food, and lifestyle into her art. 
Shane picks up on the importance of observing the seemingly ordinary things around us with a new sense of fascination and wonder. Shane also mentioned that he feels as he is picking up a pallet of color all over the country as he learns about the beautiful things people are doing in the US to try to make it a better and greener place. 

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