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New stacking concept for sustainability

I have been writing and thinking about how sustainable thinking happens. What are the webs of information that lead up to an aha moment, or is it a gradual change where people go from not recycling to recycling over the course of months, and not eating organic to eating more of it?

On MindMeister, I started considering what are the stacks of information which if I read a piece every day for a year would take me closer to sustainability. I think its distributed knowledge that makes for sustainability thinking. This process allows me to see relationships to dozens of other things without “my head hurting”. I have heard this phrase often from my friends. Well, what’s the gradual process that makes us more sustainable each moment.

Check this mindmap out that is a work in progress.


>The California Sustainability Story


California is known for being green, but I have something else to say here. This place has a haert of green. Something makes everyone who comes to CA eventually feel the urge to recycle, then go to a yoga class, then try vegetarian food and finally to switch to a hybrid. Of course, for every person like that who comes to California, there are 2 who live and grew up here, that just want a fast car for the freeways. This they can drive twice per day if they choose to get on the open road at 9:00 PM or 4:00 AM. Visit our Sustainable1000 YouTube Channel for a dozen interviews with green Californians.

az-nm2 059.JPG

Here’s a question to see who can correctly order these photos from north to south. Any CA drivers out there? Add your answers into the comments az-nm2 055.JPG

az-nm2 086.JPG

az-nm2 062.JPG

az-nm2 047.JPG

Who out there can order these photos in order from north to south. Put your answers into the comments.

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