About S1000:


“I realized this time, like any other business, I am going to make smart choices to accomplish the goal–1,000 interviews from 48 states in 250 days. I want this organization to be a long term media company that engages the audience of people who know sustainability, then crosses the boundary to those who don’t know.”
Shane Snipes, Director of S1000

At the turn of the century, a few years before words such as “green” and “eco” were embraced by widespread opportunism, business trainer and media specialist, Shane Snipes, took keen interest in sustainability. With the explosion of sustainable business and eco efficiency, he realized that reaching out to many small communities through direct contact would create touching and thought-provoking stories. Visiting 48 states in 250 days, his ambitious project will chronicle what “sustainability” means to Americans.

S1000 explores the country discovering the reality of green living in America, and we come back to the states we visited again and again every month via Green Radio Shows. Our radio programs now total dozens per month. We travel to capture the reality of green living, then return with online radio programs to the communities along our journey. Month after month, we will find new green thinkers that make it personal and local.

So we start with the road, add a dash of social media, a ton of personality, combine radio and a green audience. From that potion, we have Sustainable 1000.

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